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InITinvest Consulting organizes intensive English courses (also for beginners).

     InITinvest Consulting organizes intensive English courses (also for beginners)
     1. INTENSIVE GROUP (10-12 people) for absolutely starter or advanced starter,
         ‣ 3 sessions x 2 hours/ week - (30 sessions)
     2. INTENSIV INDIVIDUAL (1-3 people), 3 sessions x 2 hours / week - 3 months or
         ‣ 4 sessions x 2 hours / week -  2 monthsThe techniques used are specific to accelerated learning methods.

     The evaluation of English level of knowledge is FREE and tehere are used following assessment scales:
     • grid established in the Framework European levels (Common European Framework): A1 (absolute beginner) - C2 (advanced)
     • Cambridge rating scale: Absolute Beginner – Advanced


     ‣ General English courses are aimed mainly to the developing of communication skills in everyday life:
     ‣ Conversations in common situations from real life
     ‣ Correspondence (e-mail) and completion of forms
     ‣ Understanding of written texts (authentic materials)
     ‣ Understanding of native and non-native
     ‣ Socializing in English

     ‣ English courses for business have as main objectiv the developing of communication skills in the 5 performance areas of business communication:
     ‣ Meetings, discussions, negotiations in English
     ‣ Simulations of everyday professional life case studies
     ‣ Communication by telephone in English (at client)
     ‣ Business correspondence in English and preparation of reports, memos etc.
     ‣ Socializing in English
     International TOP materials are used in the course (Pearson Longman, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, etc.) and they are included in cost of the course, ensuring complete customer service. 
     This courses is divided into several important stages:

     • Registration and placement in groups
     • We make sure that placement test has been completed and will submit the your proper level of the course. There will be set goals and the trainer will find out exactly why the student follows this course.

     The intensive training

     • Recap and final test - There will be thematic recapitulation regarding each unit (after 3-5 sessions each). At the end of the course the students will have to give a final test, and  they will receive a diploma. The trainer will provide a progress report and recommend goals for the next module of the course, if the students want are to continue .
     • Final Feedback for the trainer - trainee will complete a final report impression

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