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State-of-the-art techniques and essential best practices in adult education, focusing on interactivity and facilitation of accelerated learning.


The trainer certified by Initinvest Consulting is a trainer who will know:

  • How to organize and to project a training in order to achieve its goals;
  • How to relate, communicate with the different student typologies;
  • How to persuade and to be credible within the proposed training program;
  • How to select the most appropriate techniques and methods specific to adult teaching;
  • How to ensure the quality of his course;
  • How to prepare and organize course materials which are the most suitable for one topic or another or for one group or another;
  • How to empathize and become accepted by the group of learners;
  • How to choose and attract learners.

Acquired competences:

  • Preparing the training program
  • Carrying out training program activities
  • Evaluation of participants in training program
  • Applying special methods and techniques for adult education
  • Training program marketing
  • Designing training programs
  • Organization of training programs and traineeships
  • Evaluation, review and quality assurance of training

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