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If you want to improve your knowledge of French, we help you to evaluate your level, and from there, to develop practically, using accelerated learning techniques, the ability to master this language.

Who should attend

The French language course addresses everyone, especially those who want to study and improve their knowledge of French.


  • You will speak in French with confidence and cursivity
  • You will expand your vocabulary
  • You will improve your listening, reading and writing skills
  • You will improve speech pronunciation and correctness
  • Use of interactive teaching techniques and methods specific to adult teaching (andragogy methods) so that retention is done quickly and intuitively, as mother tongue learning
  • The course is structured on several important stages:
  • Enrollment and placement in groups - We ensure that the placement test has been completed and that you will enroll in the course at your level. The objectives will be set and the trainer will find out exactly why the learner follows this course.
  • The course is designed on modules that assure the acquisition of skills;
  • Periodic revisions - There will be revisions after each approached unit (after every 3-5 sessions).


  • understanding the spoken language
  • oral expression
  • understanding the written language
  • correct writing of a text
  • conversation

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