Available sessions:

If you are a person who carries out his everyday work in a constantly technologically challenging environment and wants to improve the abilities in the efficient use of the computer, then our training program responds to these needs.

Who should attend?

The course is addressed to those who want to have a career in this field and who want to improve their skills in efficient computer use in day-to-day work.


  • efficient use of a computer to successfully deal all the challenges of this occupation.


  • Communication at the workplace
  • Professional development
  • Using a personal computer
  • Applying technical safety standards for work and fire prevention and extinguishing
  • Applying quality procedures
  • Keeping records of equipment and data storage devices
  • Ensuring the supply of consumable components and materials
  • Ensuring the computers running, computer networks
  • Ensuring data and equipment security
  • Assist users
  • Maintenance of the computer and the equipment
  • Installing and configuring the computer / computer network

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