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All you need to know about the life cycle of a project, how to meet the deadlines and to respect budget and time KPI’s.

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Project Manager Training is a course that addresses to persons with higher education. The only reason for the existence of a project is to satisfy a need or solve a problem of the organization as a whole.
Within an organization, an effective project manager fulfills many roles that converge towards maintaining the balance between productivity and production capacity, and it requires specific skills to exploit all occupations.
The project manager specialized in our courses is the proactive manager, who knows how to carry out technical projects, prioritize and improve risk and costs in an organized manner such as "win-win" one, for both its own activity and the company as a whole.


  • Acquiring certified methodologies by organizing activities and processes both in professional life, as well as in the private one;
  • Developing planning skills of project activities and milestones using specific software tools (Microsoft Project);
  • Developing the ability to respond in time to challenges during project implementation;
  • Developing communication skills both within the team and between the team and the rest of the organization;
  • Developing the ability to monitor and evaluate projects.
  • Practical activities are anchored to professional experience of the individual learners

On demand, it can be organized a follow-up session with recommendations on further development of students in the field of specialization.


  • Purpose Project
  • Establishment of integrated project management requirements
  • Planning for activities and Project Milestones
  • Management of resource utilization and operational costs for the project
  • Realization of procurement procedures for project
  • Risk management
  • Project Management Team
  • Management of communication within project
  • Quality Management Project


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